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April Newsletter

01 Apr 2016 9:28 PM | Deleted user

The Past and Present HAMFT: Rooted in Community and Growth

I’ve been involved in HAMFT off and on for over 15 years. I started attending meetings when I was in graduate school at UHCL at the urging of the program director. Walking into my first workshop, I knew that HAMFT provided community. The respect and regard people had for one another was palpable. There was laughter, earnest questions, thought-provoking conversation, comradery, and passion. Therapists with different specializations, training, and backgrounds desired to learn from one another and enjoyed sharing in that communal space. Fully licensed HAMFT members offered students and associates reduced rate counseling and supervision. I don’t remember the topic for that first workshop, but I’ll never forget what I learned that day: HAMFT is rooted in community, provides collegiality, promotes collaboration and growth, embraces diversity, and is hospitable.

I believe that these principles are still at the heart of HAMFT today and will be strengthened in 2016.  Your 2016 Board is committed to providing opportunities for professional growth and connection. Every workshop will start with an organized networking lunch hour for members and guests and a designated happy hour location will be announced for members and guests who want to gather afterwards. The thread between this year’s workshops is the focus on the role of the family therapist and the systems because that’s who we are and that’s what we do.

If you’re a long-standing member or new to the organization, the board encourages you to reach out to an unfamiliar face and introduce yourself. I am excited to invite fully licensed members to give of their time and expertise by signing up to provide reduced rate counseling and supervision to members. Other areas for connection and support include joining our board. We have the following committee chair positions open: election, legislature, membership, special events, and a UHCL student representative.

HAMFT is growing and changing along with the rest of the world. We are relying more on social media to communicate with our members, so be sure to “like” and “follow” HAMFT on Facebook and LinkedIn. Starting April 1st, HAMFT will have its own private Facebook group for HAMFT members to share practice information and seek referrals. Our secretary, Julie Payne, updated the website to include a therapist locator, so please log in and update your profile with a recent picture and practice information. In another week you’ll be receiving an email with a survey, in which your answers will guide the future ofHAMFT.

We have a wonderful line-up of workshops planned for 2016, and don’t forget that the board meetings, which start at 10:30 am on the same day as the workshop, are open to members. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting and workshop on April 15, 2016 at Interface-Samaritan Counseling Center on San Felipe. You are what makes us a community. You provide collegiality to one another. You promote collaboration and growth. You are diverse in culture, background, training, and specialization. You are hospitable. You are HAMFT and why I’m proud to me a member.

Elizabeth Cobb, LMFT, LPC  

Houston Association for Marriage and Family Therapy President, 2016

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April Workshop

Have You Lost Your Wise Mind?: DBT and Families

This is an introductory workshop to the intersection of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Family Systems. Co-presenters Jennifer Chapple, LCSW and Elizabeth Cobb, LMFT, LPC  are childhood friends that now share a practice. Jennifer is extensively trained in DBT and invited Elizabeth to join her work with families. Once a week they offer a DBT skills class for teens and their parents. This workshop will provide an overview of DBT and the framework for the skills class. Attendees will have an understanding of the impact of DBT on families in treatment. 

When: April 15th; networking lunch at noon; workshop starts promptly at 1 pm

Where: Interface-Samaritan Counseling Center on San Felipe

This workshop will provide two CEUs . All members are invited to the HAMFT board meeting at 10:30 am

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- Meet your new Board of Directors -
Executive Board Members


Elizabeth CobbM.A., LMFT, LPC 

President-Elect 2016

Gina Watson, M.S., LMFT  


Julie Payne, M.A., LMFT-S  


Kristi Patterson, M.A., LMFT, LPC, RPT  

  Additional Board Members


Anne Marie WayM.A., LMFT, LPC

Advisers to the President

Delee D'Arcy, M.A., LPC, LMFT

Betty Duson, Ph.D.,  

Professional Practice and Ethics Chair

Sherry Duson, M.A., LMFTS, LPCS

Program Chair

Tricia Miller, M.A., LPC-Intern

Communication Chair

Tracy Lehman, M.A., LMFTA

Student Liaisons

Northcentral University - Duda Riles

OLLU - Skeetz Edinger

UHCL - (Position Open)

Membership Chair 

(Position Open)

Election Chair

(Position Open)

Special Events Chair

(Position Open)

Legislature Chair

(Position Open)

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