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Electing Our 2021 Board

09 Oct 2020 11:33 AM | Stephanie Bloodworth (Administrator)

Looking to take part in community leadership? HAMFT will be voting in November for the 2021 HAMFT Board and welcomes all interested applicants! Any members interested in holding these positions should contact Anousha Lakhani at programs@hamft.org by November 3rd. If you know a great candidate outside of HAMFT, please encourage them to join so they can apply!


Houston Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (HAMFT) is a nonprofit association set up as a 501c6 for tax purposes. The mission of HAMFT is to promote the field of marriage & family therapy by offering quality continuing education units based on marriage & family therapy principles, and to provide a space for building community and networking for marriage & family therapists, associates and students.

Board members are required to attend all board meetings or be represented by a board member at each meeting.

Board meetings are held immediately prior or following workshops as designated by the executive board.

Board Positions


President Elect- shall serve a term of one (1) year and shall succeed to the office of President. In the absence of the President, the President-Elect performs the duty of President, including running the board meeting and presiding over the workshop. In the event that the President is not able to perform their duties for their term year, the President Elect will take over the President position and will perform duties as outlined above. The President-Elect shall be in charge of securing and collecting resumes from potential candidates for board positions for their term year and will initiate and obtain a vote from voting members for board positions.

Secretary- shall keep the records of all business meetings and meetings of the Board by uploading them to cloud storage, shall direct the distribution of minutes and reports to the Board, and shall be responsible for all official correspondence of HAMFT in conjunction with the Communication Director & President. In the event of their absence, their duties may be performed by another member appointed by the President.

Treasurer- shall oversee the management of funds for duly authorized purposes and shall assist the President in preparation of the annual budget. S/he will insure HAMFT is in compliance with all annual tax documents reporting as required by law. The fiscal year of HAMFT shall begin on the first of January. S/he shall be responsible for updating HAMFT’s Continuing Education (CE) sponsor status and for paying required CE Sponsor fees as specified in the licensing rules of each state licensing board of the mental health professionals in Texas. The Treasurer shall submit an annual financial report to the Board at the year’s end annually. The Treasurer shall assist the Membership Director with check in at workshops, taking payment for membership dues and/or making sure registration fees are paid.


Program Director I- shall serve a term of (1) year. The Program Director I shall be responsible for planning each workshop, including the coordination of speakers and working with Program Director II to make sure that duties of each position are fulfilled. They shall obtain a CV, brief bios, summary and meeting objectives for each workshop to be submitted to the Communications & Social Media Directors for publication and the Secretary for documentation. Program Director I will coordinate communication with each speaker regarding technology requirements prior to each event and any appreciation after. 

Program Director II- shall serve a term of (1) year and along with his/her committee members, shall be responsible for planning and securing refreshments at each workshop and working with Sponsorship chair should refreshments be sponsored. S/he shall bring name tags, Certificates of Attendance, Speaker Evaluations and handouts from Speakers to workshops/meetings.

Ethics & Diversity Director- shall serve a term of (1) year and shall be responsible for providing membership and the Board with information relevant to the professional practice and ethical issues of marriage and family therapy in Texas, including the impact of managed health care. S/He shall be responsible for educating the membership and the public regarding the AAMFT Code of Ethics. The committee shall not conduct investigations or consider allegations of violations of ethical principles made against members, nor shall it issue or render advisory opinions on ethical matters but shall refer such matters to the AAMFT Ethics Committee. The committee shall function in accordance with the Procedures for Handling Ethical Matters. S/He will also insure that leadership, programming and membership reflect the multicultural and diverse aspects of the field of marriage and family therapy and the community it serves.

Communication Director- shall serve a term of one (1) year and shall be responsible for writing, editing, assembling, and disseminating electronic announcements prior to each workshop/meeting, and will maintain HAMFT’s website. S/he will be responsible for the distribution of information regarding upcoming meetings and workshops in coordination with Program Director I. S/he shall be responsible for keeping an updated mailing list.

Social Media Director- shall serve a term of (1) year and shall be responsible for facilitating HAMFT’s social media presence and generally overseeing communications that reach the public’s eye. They will be responsible for the distribution of information regarding upcoming meetings and workshops in coordination with the Program Director I & Communication Director. The Social Media Director shall make sure that copyright laws are followed and shall maintain ethical standards when sharing communication pieces on social media that represent HAMFT and not the individual’s voice.

Membership Director- shall serve a term of one (1) year and shall be responsible for cultivating new members through programming that may include welcoming people at workshops/meetings and presenting information on HAMFT to local universities and/ or mentorship programs. S/he shall keep a list of the membership and will encourage renewal of current members. The Membership Director will ensure the database directory of members is accurate and up-to-date. The Membership Director, along with the Treasurer shall help with check in at workshops, bring sign in sheets, insure that sign in sheets are signed and membership dues or registration fees are paid.

Community & Social Chair (formerly Warm Hearth Scholarship & Sponsors Director)- shall serve one (1) year and shall be responsible for developing community, social, and networking events that foster relationship building within members and other community organizations. Responsible for securing and disseminating monies for the Warm Hearth scholarship, including receiving applications from applicants and having board members vote on approval for reward. They shall also be responsible for securing food sponsors for workshops as requested by the board.

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